Why Buy Microfibre Bedding?

Generally the word microfibre is used to describe certain types of bedding,  fabrics and furniture on the retail market.

A relatively new concept, microfibre  is becoming increasingly popular on the consumer market but do you know what it actually is and what it can do for you?

Without delving into too many technical terms (which can often be very misleading and confusing) microfibre is like its name, microscopically thin. In fact it’s about 1/100th the diameter of a human hair, making microfibre bedding wonderfully soft to touch.

Products made from microfibres like polyester and nylon are made up of fibres that are extremely strong and thin. In fact they are even thinner than most luxurious natural fibres such as silk.

Microfibre is so clever it can also be made to feel like suede, cotton or silk.

So bedding that is made from microfibre will give you lighter, more comfortable, long lasting breathable and easy clean products; and it doesn’t come with a big price label either.

Another bonus to microfibre bedding is that it is great for allergy sufferers.

Dust mites can live in bedding pillows, all types of mattresses and duvets which can cause a person to have a restless sleep.

If you purchase bedding products, such as microfibre pillows, the microfibre is woven into dense covers that do not allow the dustmites to escape and bother the allergy sufferer.

Microfibre has made a massive difference to the lives of those with allergies. Pillows, duvets, mattress protectors, mattress toppers made with microfibre exteriors have reduced the problems for those allergic to dust mites significantly.


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