The Pillow Fight Club

Believe it or not, but out there in this mad crazy world is a group of people who have come together to form The Pillow Fight Club.

This mob gang arrange pillow fights around the globe for people to turn up and have the biggest pillow fight ever!

People simply find out the location of the pillow fight and the exact time, grab their best bedding pillow and then hurry off to the destination and fight till their hearts content.

There have been many pre-arranged pillow fights over the years, with the most recent taking place in San Fransisco in March this year, which saw hundreds of people gather to battle it out.

In fact this feathery event is so popular they have even made an official World Pillow Fight Day on April 4th to take place every year across many cities around the globe.

The rules of the Pillow Fight go a little something like this:

  1. Each attendee must tell as many people as possible about the fight.
  2. Bring their own pillow. 
  3. Need to keep it concealed before the fight starts
  4. Everyone who brings a pillow is expected to participate
  5. Individuals not carry a pillow must not be hit unless they specifically ask you to.
  6. Guests must not put anything heavy into their pillows as the idea is to have a fun time and not leave with concussion!

To give you a sample of what it is all about we have found a few action pictures and clips from the feathery day! Enjoy!




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