Willing to pay for extra time in bed?

A new survey has revealed how people are so desperate for extra time in bed, they’d be prepared to pay for it.

The Sleep Council surveyed people for National Sleep-In Day, on October 31, and found;

• Six out of 10 people plan to spend the extra hour on Sunday enjoying a lie-in
• More than one in three people admitted to ‘throwing a sicky’ – often to spend extra time in bed
• Given a lazy day in bed men would spend it having sex, while women would prefer to just read
• Nearly half those questioned would actually pay to spend a lazy day in bed

National Results
– 45 per cent of people would pay to have a day off work to spend a lazy day in bed.
– 36 per cent of people have taken sick days when they could have gone in to work.
– 25 per cent of people only sleep in once a month.
– 60 per centof people will have a lie in when the clocks go back this weekend.

In fact, some will go to almost any lengths to do so to have a day off work. Polled results said they’d be prepared to pay anything up to and over £100 for a lazy day between the bedsheets.

A whopping 36 per cent admitted they’d phone in and fib and ‘throw a sicky’ – often to spend extra time in bed.

Those in the 16 – 24 age group were the number one offenders with nearly six out of 10 admitting they’d taken time off sick when they were really well enough to go in to work. People aged 55 and over are the least likely to do that with nearly four out of five saying they had not blagged any time off ill.

Of all those polled, 24 per cent said they’d lied feeling unwell to have a lie-in and didn’t feel guilty. And 34 per cent of men were much more likely than women (19 per cent) to say this.

No surprise then, that when asked what they would like to do with the extra hour this year, six out of 10 respondents said they’d use it to have a lie in.

Jessica Alexander of The Sleep Council, said: “It’s clear from this survey that a lot of people want to spend a lot more time in their beds.

“A luxurious day in bed with no work, no pressure and no hassles is seen as a real indulgence.

The Sleep Council ‘Bed Time’ survey was conducted online by Opinion Matters, between September 24th and October 11th 2010 among a sample of 1040 working respondents.

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