4 Steps to Your Perfect Duvet

  1. 1. Know your togs

Ever wondered: what’s a tog… and why is there one in my new duvet? Tog is a unit of measurement telling you how much heat a duvet will retain.  As a rule of thumb, you’ll want a 4.5 tog duvet for summer, a 9 tog for spring or autumn, and a 13.5 tog for winter.  Don’t panic – no need to buy three.  Get an All Seasons set of 4.5 and 9 tog duvets that pop together for winter.

  1. 2. Size up

To combat duvet-hogging, buy a size bigger than your mattress.  Standard sizes are:  Single – 135 x 200cm; Double – 200 x 200cm; King – 230 x 220cm; Superking – 260 x 220cm.

  1. 3. What’s under the covers?

Choose from a NATURAL or SYNTHETIC duvet filling.  Natural Feather and Down is our most popular – it’s warm, soft, and breathable (but choose a duvet with a high ratio of down, because it’s lighter and warmer).  Shake them out for comparison and you’ll easily see that goose is the lightest and best sort – followed by duck.  Other NATURAL choices include wool, silk and cotton.  They’re good at extracting body moisture and are naturally hypoallergenic (unlike feather and down).  If you want a SYNTHETIC duvet, microfibre is the thing to look for.  It’s really hardwearing and feels a lot like down, but it will get flattened a bit more quickly.

  1. Duvet care

Washing any duvet too much will weaken the fibres in the case and eventually cause the filling to leak. To combat this, choose high thread-count duvet covers to protect your duvet (and wash it less frequently). Air it every fortnight and give it a good shake daily to get rid of dust.  When there’s nothing else for it, get your duvet professionally cleaned – especially if it’s a feather and down duvet.  Make sure your duvet is properly dry through and through before putting it on your bed.

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