Top 5 common dreams and what they mean

Most of us dream every night and wake up confused wondering what it was all about. Some of us go to bed with a lot on our minds and let our head run away with us while we sleep often resulting in nightmares. At Soak & Sleep we know the importance of sleep and have put together the common top 5 dreams and what they all mean! Enjoy!

The most common dream mankind speak of is falling. The old wives tale of ‘if you dream you are falling and hit the ground you will die’ is simply not true and I am still awaiting for a dead person to tell me otherwise.

Falling in your dreams revolves around your subconscious that something in your life- relationship, financial or career problems – is rapidly going in the wrong direction. It means you may need to redirect the situation immediately.

Being Chased
If you are being chased in your dream, it is often the case that someone in the real world is on your back about a particular problem. When you next have this dream ask yourself, ‘Am I trying to avoid someone?’ ‘Am I trying to get out of holding some responsibility?’ Whatever the case may be, you need to stop running and start facing up to your problems otherwise the issue will continue to follow you.

Teeth Falling Out
Don’t worry yourself as this has nothing to do with your oral hygiene. If you have been dreaming your teeth are falling out, it maybe that you have been gossiping about someone or said something to someone you wish you hadn’t. Whatever you have said, you should have kept whatever it was in your mouth…like your teeth!

Back At School
Generally this dream is about your job. If you think back school was almost the same concept as a job. You wore a uniform, you had to be there at a certain time, you had to do homework, you wanted everyone to like you and you were continuously striving to get to the next level. If you are dreaming of failing an exam, getting lost in the school, taking an exam with no clothes on etc it generally means that pressure and stress levels at work are really getting to you.

Spouse Cheating On You
Generally if you dream about your spouse cheating on you, it is because you feel they are spending too much time on other things like work rather than you. It doesn’t usually mean that they are cheating on you, but you just feel ‘cheated’ that your sweetie isn’t spending as much time with you as you would like. Instead of going in all guns blazing saying s/he dream cheated on you, see it as a wake up call that the pair of you need to spend more quality time together.

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