Inventive ways to go to sleep

Why not try one of these inventive ways to get to sleep…

Chillow Pillow

Chillow Pillow
Chillow Pillow

Image from Geekie Gadgets

The Chillow Pillow is designed to keep the pillow you sleep on cool throughout the night.

The liquid gel simply keeps at a temperature so that you are neither too hot or cold and have the perfect night’s sleep, and all you have to do is fill it with water.

Japanese Dream Machine

Japanese dream machine
Japanese dream machine

Image from Wired

The Japanese Dream Machine allows you to manipulate what you dream about each night. For example if you fancy a night of fairy tales and faraway castles, you can change the scent, the music and images the machine gives out so you hopefully drift off into a beautiful sleep with your handsome prince.

 Have you seen any strange sleeping devices – share them with us!

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