How to Survive the Winter with a Duvet Hog

With the inevitable march toward the cold nights of winter comes the familiar problem: how do you prevent your significant other from stealing the duvet?

There’s always that moment when you’re just drifting off to sleep when suddenly your partner rolls away, taking the duvet with them, leaving you cold, shivering and sleepless.

So how do you deal with these most heinous of bedroom criminals? Is all-out war the only answer, or is there a peaceful solution to allow you both to keep warm and comfortable through the cold winter nights? Here are some ideas you might find useful in dealing with your duvet hog:

Bedding – One of the best solutions is to change your duvet, either to a king size for a double bed, or to two single duvets. With an oversized duvet on your bed there is much less chance of one of you getting left out in the cold, as there should be plenty to allow for movement during the night. If you get two singles, as is common in Scandinavia, you can both have your own duvet, and completely avoid the blanket-battle all together. You can also choose different togs to suit how warm you like to be. A blanket thrown over the top of both will tidy everything up if you’re not a big fan of the look.

Gentle Persuasion – If you’re confident in your stealth abilities then you could always try stealing the duvet back without alerting your partner. You can learn to gently roll your partner to release the duvet back in to your possession, or else study their movements during the night to find opportunities for you to take back what’s rightfully yours, such as trips to the bathroom or kitchen. This method may lead to some sleep deprivation in the short-term however.

Separate Beds – A more drastic solution, but one that many couples find agreeable. Everyone has different sleep habits, and a lot people find it impossible to sleep in close proximity to another person. Couples often go to bed and get up at different times, and if you happen to be a very light sleeper who wakes at the slightest noise or movement, having someone clamber over you to get to bed might not be all that conducive to undisturbed sleep.

Violence – Certainly not something we would recommend, but you could always resort to more extreme methods to deal with a duvet hog. A sharp jab in the back or side of your slumbering thief, or a swift kick to the shins, is sure to yield some opportunity for taking back the duvet, though possibly with other, less desirable consequences.

If all else fails, just nail the duvet to your side of the bed. Although please be aware that Soak&Sleep are unlikely to offer refunds or exchanges on duvet covers with nail-holes along the side…

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  1. November 21, 2013

    Jane Reply

    We’ve used the oversize duvet tactic for a long time now and it works!

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