Accessorising Your Bed

A bedroom should be all about the bed! After all, the purpose of a bedroom is to sleep! However, sometimes in an attempt to create a great feature bed, you can end up using too many colours and accessories and creating something flamboyant – which can actually distract you from feeling sleepy.

We’ve come up with some tips on how to create some looks that will invite sleep; that’s what’s important to us!

The Practical Bed
If you decide that less is more (and you don’t want to spend too much time making your bed every day) you can still make your bed look dramatic and chic with only a few pillows and a carefully chosen throw.

Square pillows at the back will stand up above the others and would be great in a colour that contrasts the rest of your bed linen. Match these with some scatter cushions at the front and a throw or two at the end of the bed, and you have an easy-to-maintain look with the ‘wow’ factor.

Make sure you choose your contrasting colour carefully so that it ties the whole room together. Pick out a colour that’s in your curtains, lampshade or even just a picture frame.

Play around with positioning and angles until you find the look you love! If you’re using bold colours, then keep the textures simple. Throws are better than a bedspread for this style of bed because they look great even if they are just THROWn on! You could even get a couple in different colours and layer them up. 

The Fancy Bed
If you prefer to have lots of pillows then make sure you choose a neutral palette and play around with shades, textures and sizes within that palette. The amount of pillows you’re using is what creates the dramatic look, so you don’t need to use many colours to make the bed a feature.  

As long as they don’t go further than half way down the bed then you don’t have too many pillows (we would say that!). Always go from biggest to smallest front to back.

A carefully folded bedspread is essential if you have lots of pillows at the top as it gives balance. Fold it back onto itself into an S shape, add a throw on top of this and you will have a fancy hotel bed in your own bedroom in no time. If you really do want to add colour then make sure it’s a neutral colour and just a splash.

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