5 Annoying causes of a sleepless night

There comes a point in everyone’s day when tiredness starts to take hold and we begin to gleefully look forward to the moment we can climb upstairs and fall into bed. There’s therefore nothing more frustrating than finally putting your head down on a pillow to discover your ability to drift hindered by an irritating bedtime issue. Here’s our run down of five common sleep-disturbing habits and a few tips on how to counter their effects.

Tossing and turning.
You’ve finally begun to drift off when you notice the arm you’re lying on going dead. You turn over, re-adjust and you’re comfortable again but sleep still eludes you. The princess and the pea syndrome can affect us all and being trapped in an endless cycle of tossing and turning is a one-way ticket to stress city.

There are many issues that might be causing your lack of sleep. If discomfort is the problem, invest in a luxurious mattress topper for an extra layer of support. You should also make an effort to get into a regular bedtime schedule, avoiding stimulants such as TV, work and surfing the internet just before bed. Set aside at least half an hour to cool down and relax your mind. Regular exercise can also help, but avoid anything too strenuous directly before going to bed as it will likely have the reverse effect.

Fidgeting partner.
If it isn’t you doing the bedtime gymnastics but in fact it’s your partner, the issue can be harder to tackle. Finding yourself plummeting into the dent just left by 15 stone of lover rolling over for the umpteenth time in an hour can be enough to have you mentally drawing up divorce papers. If there’s a significant size difference between you and your partner, a mattress with zoned pocket springs can help to mitigate the problem by responding to your body weight and offering support where you need it most, minimising roll-together.

Duvet hoggers.
There’s nothing worse than waking up to find yourself shivering convulsively to find your partner swathed in a mound of coverings. Duvet hoggers – the most selfish of all bed sharers – can be a nightmare to live with. However, swapping to an efficient and lightweight microfiber duvet could prevent them from using their greedy strength to deprive you of your share of a bulky feather duvet. Alternatively, replacing your double with two single duvets could provide you with valuable reinforcements. 

Snoring / sleep talking.
Whether it’s the ominous, slow building snore or the startling babble of a sleep talker, vocal sleep disruptions can be the most irritating. If your partner is the culprit, the tried and tested implication of a sharp elbow to the ribs is always a valid option. However, if you find yourself victim to retaliation, or if it is you that is the problem, there are a few more practical solutions. For snorers there are nasal patches or, in extreme cases, medical procedures which can counter symptoms. Snoring can also be a side-effect of obesity, so if you’re starting to sound like a lawnmower at full pelt, it might be time to hop on a treadmill. For the victim, short of retreating to the sofa, specially designed earplugs are the best option for escaping the racket.

Hot & Cold
Sometimes despite your best regulatory efforts it feels almost impossible to reach a comfortable, neutral temperature in bed. Having to continually waft about your duvet like a flag to cool down or roll up inside it like a hibernating dormouse to warm up is certainly not ideal.

Getting the right temperature in your bed is like dressing for a windy day – it’s all about layers. Use a lighter duvet for the summer months, and either switch to a padded model when the temperature drops, or add a throw or some extra sheeting to achieve optimum warmth. 


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