5 Bed and Bath World Records

The world’s largest towel, world’s warmest duvet…we’re always looking for the biggest, best and most extreme. So we thought we would look into other people who are serious about bed and bath world records. Here are our favourite 5.

1.       Longest time without sleep

The longest scientifically documented time without sleep was made in 1964 by Randy Gardener. He stayed awake for 264.4 hours (11 days and 24 minutes). There were a lot of side effects of such an outrageous experiment. There were hallucinations, moodiness (not surprising) and forgetfulness included on this list. In fact, during a task to count down from 100, he stopped at 65 because he forgot what he was doing. Don’t try this at home.

The Guinness World Record however, is held by Maureen Weston who went for 449 hours (18 days and 17 hours).

2.       World’s largest bed

The world’s largest bed is 26.5 metres long (86 ft 11 inches) and 16.44 metres wide (53 ft 11 in). That’s about 12 Superking beds! No, we don’t do fitted sheets in this size! It, was built in 2011 in the Netherlands.

3.       Most expensive bathroom

The most expensive bathroom cost £2.4 million and was built by Lam Sai-Wing. It was made entirely of gold and precious jewels…right down to the toilet brush. Apparently it was inspired by Lenon who once said that toilets of gold should be built to serve as a reminder of the waste of Capitalist warfare. Hmmm….should it have been taken so literally?!

4.       Longest time submerged in an ICE bath

Wow! 52 minutes is the answer! A record set by Ankur Singh. According the rules there had to be at least 400kg of ice cubes and he had to be fully submerged. Not what we would suggest for running the perfect bath. 

5.       Fastest time to fall asleep on stage

An odd one perhaps, but a brilliant one. Cory Cavin took 17 minutes and 5 seconds to fall asleep on stage at a fundraiser! This took place in June 2011 and we’re convinced he must have had one of our duvets or pillows to make this possible!

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