How to Create a Minimalist Bedroom

Creating a minimalist bedroom is not always as straightforward as it sounds. You could just throw out all the clutter and most of the furniture, but what you’d end up with is an empty bedroom, not a minimalist one. The trick is being able to create a warm and inviting room, while retaining a sense of simple tranquillity.  

Make the most of furniture

The less is more mantra is not about having less actual stuff, but making the most of a few carefully chosen pieces. Well designed and attractive furniture with simple lines and minimal embellishment will help to create a sense of uncluttered serenity. It’s also best to avoid exposed fittings and supports such as shelf brackets and castors wherever possible.

Storage is one of the key factors, as you obviously need to make space for all your clothes and possessions so as not have them lying about the room. Fitted wardrobes and built-in storage units can really help to keep everything hidden away in a very efficient way, eliminating the need for too many pieces of furniture, and adding a bit of depth and design to the room. 

Use textures and colours

Contemporary minimal design doesn’t mean you have to have vast flat surfaces of white nothingness where the slightest scuff shatters the whole look. The secret to creating a simple yet inviting space is to make use of textures and tactile surfaces with wall-coverings or panelling, as well as fabrics and soft furnishings.

A couple of brightly-coloured or patterned scatter cushions are all you need to add an accent, and a plush, neutral throw will add a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The details of a minimalist room

A minimalist room can still contain interesting and exciting design features, but it takes a lot less for them to stand out and be appreciated – less is more!

A single piece of artwork, or a pair of elegant beside lamps, are all you need to add a bit of interest and make a room feel unique and characterful. Just remember to exercise restraint – a single well-designed chair can be the one item that defines a space, and the fewer standout elements you have, the more of an impact they well make.

Once you have created your perfect minimal space, you can enjoy a serene and peaceful sleep every single night, and wake up feeling calm and refreshed.

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