Caring for Your Mattress

Owning a mattress is a bit like owning a pet; you have to look after and care for your mattress for years to give it a long and happy life, and the better you treat it, the better it will treat you. An unloved mattress will stop being a source of comfort and support, and only give you sleepless nights.

However, with a few simple tips it’s possible to keep your mattress happy and full of bounce for many years, and in return it will give you night after night of rest and comfort.

Use a mattress cover

Fitting a washable cover is one of the easiest ways to protect and care for your mattress. As unpleasant a thought as it is, we generally sweat up to a quarter of a litre of moisture every night, and a cover will help absorb some of this before it enters the mattress.

A cover with specifically designed ‘barrier’ fabric also helps if you have a dust allergy.

Flip your mattress regularly

While some modern mattresses don’t require flipping, many sprung ones do, and this should be done every week for the first few months of a new mattress, and around every three to four months after that. If you have a non-reversible mattress, you should just swap the head and foot ends every couple of months instead.

Give it a clean

It’s a good idea to give your mattress a going-over with the vacuum every so often, as this will help to remove dead skin cells and dust that collect in the crevices and piped edges.

If you want to do a slightly more thorough clean just use a bit of soap and water, but don’t splash directly onto the mattress, and allow it to dry thoroughly before using again.

Let it breathe

Unfortunately we need to bring up the fact that you sweat out a fair bit of moisture during the night again. A good habit to get into is to fold your duvet down after you get up in the morning, and leave the bed to air for around 20 minutes before making it.

This will allow the body moisture to evaporate, and give your duvet a breath of fresh air. You can also give the mattress a breather when you change your covers by leaving it for a couple of hours before putting the new sheets on.

Ways to care for your mattress

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