Refresh Your Bathroom

It’s a room we use all use on a regular basis, but one that we rarely devote much attention to when it comes to adding a bit of style to our lives. It is, after all, a very function-oriented room, and not one that often lends itself to a lot of furniture or accessories.

However, with a few simple ideas you can refresh the look of your bathroom, and make it a space that you can really enjoy and relax in a hot bath.

Bathroom storage

There’s nothing that makes a bathroom look tired and unloved more than piles of bottles, tubs, and damp towels lying about the place. You can make use of baskets or stylish boxes to tidy away all the random products and objects that clutter up the place. If you have the space, an elegant tray table can provide a surface to organise your toiletries on, as well as keep them in easy reach for daily use.

The stylish bathroom

While you don’t really want random packets of makeup pads and cotton buds on show, it can be a pain to have to drag them out of a storage box every day.

To keep things like this in easy reach, and looking stylish, you can transfer them to glass jars and have them out where you need them. You can also use vintage saucers or dishes as soap holders, or somewhere to put jewellery.  

Bathroom plants

House plants love the warm and damp atmosphere of a bathroom, the extra humidity helping to encourage growth and flowering, particularly orchids, bromeliads, and ferns. A beautiful orchid placed in an understated pot will be stunning addition, and bring life and colour to your bathroom.

Coordinate everything

A really easy way to bring a bit of a design element into your bathroom is to coordinate its colours and patterns. A matching set of towels will help to bring the room together and make it feel more stylish.

You don’t even necessarily have to use the same colours – have a couple of accent hand towels in a different hue to your bath towels. You could also break up a very monochrome colour scheme with a colourfully patterned rug or bathmat. 

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