What’s So Good About Wool?

When we think of wool bedding, most of us would probably picture something like a heavy, scratchy brown blanket – not something very comfortable or inviting. In reality, however, wool-filled bedding is wonderfully comfortable, and has all sorts of fantastic benefits, from maintaining an ideal sleeping temperature, to being absorbent and breathable, and just generally improving your sleep overall.

Wool is natural

Sheep have been aware of the benefits of wool for thousands of years, keeping them warm and dry in all weathers, as well as our distant ancestors who used it for the same reasons.

It’s also a renewable and sustainable resource – you just need some rolling grassy fields to keep the sheep happily replenishing their wool year after year.

Wool is Insulating

Wool is excellent at holding in the heat, and is also hygroscopic fibre, meaning it’s very effective at absorbing moisture. This basically means a wool duvet will help to keep your temperature at a constant level while you sleep, adapting to any changes in your heat and moisture output.

A wool duvet is also a good idea for couples as it can actually adapt to your body heat individually, so you’re both kept comfortable through the night.

Wool is Breathable

We’ve talked before about how we sweat out a fair bit of moisture during the night, and this moisture can get trapped in your bedding, leading to an uncomfortable sleeping environment.

Wool, however, draws moisture away from your body and allows it to be easily expelled into the air, so you don’t end up all hot and sticky on warm nights.

Wool is Comfy!

Wool creates a light yet comfortable duvet that feels luxurious and cosy – like sleeping under a cloud! It’s also naturally anti-allergenic, so if you’re an allergy sufferer and you always opt for synthetic, wool is an excellent natural option.

The benefits of sleeping under wool have also been tested in a study by the University of Sydney, confirming wool’s effectiveness at promoting restful sleep. (But we knew that already.)

If you’ve been tempted over to the woolly side, take a look at our range of comfy wool-filled duvets here.



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