How to Make a Bed

Making the bed every morning can seem like a tedious and largely pointless task, but we think it’s something you should always make the effort to do, and in fact it can actually make you happier. Apart from the obvious benefits of a tidier-looking bedroom, a properly made bed can reduce stress levels and give us a small sense of accomplishment before we start the day.

The way you make your bed can also be a reflection of your personality: Do you like to keep it simple and functional, or do you like to pile pillows and cushions up, with a matching throw or blanket to finish it off?

Either way, just taking a few minutes in the morning to restore your bed to an ordered state is an excellent habit to get into. We’ve put together some guides for several different standards of bed-making, so you can choose which one suits your current level, and try building up from there.

Method one: Making your bed because you have to

If you’ve been ordered to make your bed by a higher power, such as a partner or your mum, then the simplest method is to ignore the sheets, crumpled as they may be, and just throw the duvet over the top of everything. Tuck up any stray bits of sheet under the duvet, straighten the pillows, and you’re done.

Method two: Making your bed like a soldier

If you lean towards the obsessively neat and orderly end of the scale, we can help you make your bed with military precision. While this is a fairly extreme form of bed-making, you can apply some of its techniques to neaten up any civilian bunk.

You may think a fitted sheet provides a good level of tightness for a rumple-free bed, but the secret to a really neat and smooth finish is to use a flat sheet with the hospital corner. A technique known to soldiers and nurses the world over, the hospital corner starts with laying a flat sheet across the bed, with the edges hanging evenly all around.

Starting at the foot of the bed, tuck the end of the sheet under so it lies smoothly between the mattress and the base or slats. Do the same at the other end of the bed, pulling the sheet taught.

To make your first hospital corner, take the sheet draping down the side and pick it up about 16 inches from the foot of the bed. Tuck the hanging end under the mattress, then hold the corner in place while you let the sheet drop back down. The resulting fold should be at a 45° angle, so you can then work your way up the bed neatly tucking in the rest of the sheet.  

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Method three: Making your bed for style

The way to add a touch of personal style to your bed is through the use of cushions and throws. You can combine pillows and cushions in all sorts of ways, matching and contrasting colours and patterns. Stand your pillows upright and pile a selection cushions in front of them to create a luxurious look, but avoid using too many as it becomes a chore to move them all every morning and evening, and it’ll just look ridiculous.

Choose a couple of extra cushions to place in front of your pillows, and one statement cushion that compliments a colour or pattern in the room for the centre. Finish it all off with a luxurious throw or a comfy blanket to lay across the foot of the bed.

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