How to Keep Your Towels Fresh and Fluffy

How to keep your towels fresh and fluffy!

Who doesn’t like a soft and fluffy towel after a hot bath or shower? No one, of course, but over time our once-plush towels can lose their softness and become rough and scratchy, even after adding copious amounts of fabric softener to your washing machine.

You might be tempted to just throw the offending towels away and buy new ones each time, but there are easy ways you can restore the softness of your towels, and keep them permanently fluffy.

The first thing to do is wash the towels on the hottest setting your washing machine will allow, and only use a very small amount of detergent. Using too much will have the same effect as using too much shampoo on your hair – it will get bogged down with residue. The hot wash will help to dissolve oils and residues left behind by bath products and your skin, as well as making the towel softer.

You can also add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to help clean and soften the fabric of your towels, and remove any mildewy smells. This is a much better option than using fabric softener, which will only add to the build-up of chemicals and residue, counteracting the absorbency of the towel.

Don’t put too many towels in the wash together either, as they need plenty of room to move around in the machine.

If you dry your towels in a tumble dryer, throw in a couple of (clean) tennis balls, or purpose-made dryer balls, which will pummel the towels around and help fluff up and soften the fabric.

Air-drying towels should be done outside if possible, or on a drying rack near a radiator or fan – leaving towels damp for a long time will only make them smell. Give them a good shake to fluff up the fibres too.

Following these simple tips will banish rough, scratchy towels from your life, and give you years of soft and fluffy joy.

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