Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

We believe that no matter what the size of your bedroom, you can make it a stylish and relaxing space that you’ll love.

Small bedrooms may seem like a difficult space to make any sort of design statement in, but with a few simple tips you can turn any room into a haven of peace and tranquillity.

Interior design for a small bedroom

If you want to make a small room appear larger, it’s best to stick to lighter hues, particularly just plain white. You can add accents of colour and warmth in other ways, such as soft furnishings and artwork.

–          A really good tip for creating the illusion of space is to paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, as it keeps the eye from noticing the boundaries of the room.

There are some easy ways to add elements of design to a small room, such as a feature wall of patterned wallpaper behind the bed. To add colour and interest, make use of throws and cushions that complement each other, with a range of textures to add depth.

–          Hanging a few pictures on the walls is another easy way of adding a bit of colour and life to a room.

Keeping the small bedroom organised

Storage is a key concern in a small space, and you need to make it work as hard as it can. Tall and shallow storage will be the most space-saving, and built-in wardrobes and cupboards can make use of alcoves and irregular nooks.

–          Utilise floating shelves above furniture and radiators, and swap bedside tables for bookshelves to make better use of the space around your bed.

The choice of bed in a small room is crucial, not only for the obvious need for it to fit, but also for creating a light and airy feel.

–          Make sure the bed is an appropriate size for the bedroom; a king size in a small room is just going to overpower the space.

Choosing a bedstead without a solid headboard or footboard, such as an iron frame, will allow light to penetrate the room better, while also making a style statement.

Ensuring your bedroom captures as much light as possible will make a big difference to how it feels, creating a sense of space and airiness.

–          Position curtain poles close to the ceiling, and have the curtains falling all the way to the floor.

This will provide a sense of height and elegance, though if the room is very small it might be worth opting for blinds instead to give a less cluttered look, as well as letting in more light. 

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