The Best Ways to Relax

After a long and stressful day it can be difficult to allow yourself to properly unwind and relax once you get home, leaving you feeling irritable and on edge. The evening should be time to yourself, to relax, or for enjoying time with your family, but it can easily be ruined by being unable to properly relax and let go of the day’s troubles.

Here are some quick and easy remedies to help you unwind.

Relaxation tip 1: Breathe

This is good advice in general, but taking a few deep breaths when you walk through the door can help to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, so you can shrug off the stresses of that commute home.

Relaxation tip 2: Make a cup of tea

Another one that should be second nature to most of us, but try having green tea instead, as this contains L-Theanine which can help relieve stress. Just the act of making it will also give you a moment’s peace and calm.

Relaxation tip 3: Eat some chocolate

(These tips really aren’t remotely taxing at all, are they?) Having a square of dark chocolate can help to make you feel generally happier and calmer, and has been linked to the release of several beneficial chemicals in the body. 

Relaxation tip 4: Tidy up

Here is where you can put all that stress and pent-up energy to use. Having a really good tidy and clean around your home will leave you feeling calmer thanks to the exercise of all that scrubbing and vacuuming, and you’ll be much more relaxed when everything is clear and uncluttered.

Relaxation tip 5: Have some time alone

This is especially important if you live with other people. By all means say hello to your family before disappearing, but spending a couple of minutes flopped onto your bed in a quiet room can help you to let go of the day’s noise and activity, and make you feel calm and centred.


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