How to Choose a Duvet

Considering how much time we spend in bed (around a third of our lives) it’s really worth investing some time and money when choosing a duvet. Naturally, at Soak&Sleep we have the perfect selection for you to choose from, but it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not exactly sure of what you’re looking for. There are really only three things you have to think about when thinking of how to choose a duvet:

Duvet size

This is basically just a matter of looking at the size of your bed and choosing a duvet to match. However, if you share a bed, or just have self-indulgent tendencies, you might want to go one size larger. These are the typical UK bed size measurements:

Single: 90cm x 190cm
Double: 140cm x 190cm
King-size: 150cm x 200cm
Super king-size: 180cm x 200cm

Duvet warmth

This is where those mysterious togs come in. A tog is a unit of measurement telling you how much heat a duvet will retain. The tog you want is related to the season, so a lower tog rating will best for the summer (around 4.5), while a higher tog rating will be needed for the winter (around 13.5). One of the best options is to choose an ‘all seasons’ duvet set, which includes a 4.5 tog for summer use, and a 9 tog duvet for spring and autumn, then the two snapped together for the ultimate cosy winter duvet.

Duvet filling

The choice of filling really affects the feel and comfort level of a duvet, as well as the price. Naturally, the better the quality of the filling, the greater the cost, but it also provides greater comfort and luxury.

Natural or synthetic duvets

Our natural feather and down duvets are the most popular, as they are the softest and most luxurious, with fantastic levels of warmth and breathability. It’s best to choose a higher ratio of down, as these duvets will be lighter, with goose being the highest quality, followed by duck. We also have wool, silk, and cotton duvets, which are a good choice for allergy sufferers as these materials are naturally hypoallergenic, whereas feather and down aren’t. Our synthetic duvets use microfiber fillings, which can feel a lot like down, but will become flatter more easily. This type of duvet is hardwearing and good value so would be a good choice for a guest room or children’s bed.

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  1. January 31, 2015

    Mrs. R. Turner Reply

    Do you do a duvet that is a two weight one I need 10 tog.while husband only wants a 4 tog.

    • February 9, 2015

      Soak&Sleep Reply

      Hello there! Unfortunately we do not do a duvet like this. Sorry about that. Ruth

  2. July 17, 2015

    AntonyBMartorello Reply

    Thanks very nice blog!

  3. July 29, 2015

    RustyFMccormik Reply

    Awesome article.

    • August 7, 2015

      Soak&Sleep Reply

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 hope it helps

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