Allergy Awareness

For people that suffer with an allergy to house dust mites there is a wide range of bedding and pillows for you to choose from, but making the wrong choice may have a big impact on your health and bank balance.

At Soak&Sleep we wanted to give allergy sufferers complete confidence in our anti-allergy range, so we teamed up with Allergy UK to get our products endorsed by the experts. Allergy UK is the leading national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK.  They provide a dedicated helpline, support network and online forum for those with allergy and intolerance.

If you suffer from asthma, eczema and rhinitis, a common trigger is house dust mite allergen. They thrive in dark and humid places, so as much as duvets and pillows create a haven for us humans, the same is the case for house dust mites. For most us of us it’s a good thing, they kind of ‘clean up’ for us, but for allergy sufferers, they are a ‘nightmare’. 

Our anti-allergy duvet and pillow range is treated with Sanitized, and our formula of treatment to the fibre filling has been given the Seal of Approval by our friends at Allergy UK. Our duvet and pillow range has been scientifically proven to reduce exposure to allergens to give allergy sufferers a much better nights’ sleep! Those little house dust mites hate this bedding, so we love it!

Here are some additional tips to try and keep those house dust mites at bay:

  • Vacuum your mattress. Yes, it sounds a little strange, but it is actually incredibly effective. Especially because this gets rid of a lot of the allergen they produce.
  • Open some windows! It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, it won’t be as warm and humid as your bed.
  • Don’t make your bed straight away in the mornings, pull back the covers and allow it to air. Let that moisture out!
  • Wash your bedding regularly at a high temperature. If you have a tumble dryer this will be even more effective at getting rid of any nasties.
  • Change your bedding regularly. Remember how much time you spend in it! Plus, is there anything nicer that fresh cotton sheets?

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