Don’t panic…You can trust us!

Here at Soak and Sleep, we’re all about creating the perfect setting for a good night’s kip. From gorgeous sheets, to snuggly duvets, it make us wonder how we make it to work every day. But there are occasions when those 8 hours are just not enough…don’t panic, it’s OK, we’ve all been there, and we support you.


Whether it’s a quick catnap in the cinema, a sweet siesta in a station, a power nap in a park or a doze on your 6 o’clock commuter train home; curl up, find a comfy spot, and embrace the public napping!

Here are some of our top tips for catching those golden 40 winks on the move.

1. Set an alarm! Make sure you don’t ruin your perfect nap with the panic that you have missed your stop. Set a timer on your phone, and avoid the train ride drama.

2. Comfort is key: A nice bench? Under a shaded tree? A gentlemen’s shoulder? Assess your surroundings and utilise to your advantage, be selfish, you deserve this!

3. Create the scene: As we know napping in public can invite all kinds of unwelcome noises to disturb you. Pop your headphones in, drown out the world around you, and unwind. We would recommend maybe chucking on some Snorah Jones, Fleetwood Nap, or The Snooze Brothers

So there we have it! You are welcome. With this new information go and roam free, and enjoy your slumbers wherever you may be.

Don’t believe us? Learn from these tried and tested methods and check out these nap experts!

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