Special Bed of Towels

Written by Ruth (from the Soak&Sleep Marketing department)

Growing up the youngest, my parents blessed with 3 growing youths, my mum and dad always had a predicament whenever we went on holiday or travelled. Now in my mid-twenties and still waiting for my growth spurt (fingers crossed) my parents took advantage of my smallness and thus was invented… “The Special Bed of Towels”. This was, as it says on the tin, getting as many towels from room service (without it look too suspicious) and making a little bed on the floor.

Excitement of travelling and arriving at my new home for a week was always diminished when I asked my dad where my bed was. Forever sneaking up to hotel rooms (so as not to get noticed by the hotel staff), so that my family would not have to book another room was the norm for me growing up. Of course, now knowing the costs of holidays I appreciate that forking out for another room just for little old me was a ridiculous expense, but to this day the joke has stuck.

When travelling up to Leeds to graduate from university, turning up at the hotel, my parents asked me to go and occupy myself for five minutes. My heart sank when I realised why, but my eldest brother being a hero, offered on this occasion, as it was my graduation, to take one for the team and settle down for a kip on the floor.

Now to draw your attention back to Soak&Sleep (stop this trip down memory lane) every day I am reminded of towels (there’s samples of these gorgeous creatures all over the office!), and of course I am sure if was to sleep on our ranges of towels, then it would be a completely different story. Plush, thick, sumptuous, need I continue?

With every colours of the rainbow available at your fingertips, and with our brand new colours of Morrocan Blue & purple grape in luxury Egyptian cotton, what’s not to love? If its our snuggly bath sheets, our jumbo towels to snuggle up with a pal, a colourful one to create a new look in your bathroom, or in my case, to throw them down on the floor and get 40 winks, you will not be disappointed with these bundles of joy.

Any of our customers already fans, what’s your favourite colour? 


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