Get prepared for the Weather bomb!

You may or may not have heard of a storm that is hitting the UK this week, these adverse weather conditions has been coined with being named “The Weather Bomb”.

The met office have issued a number of yellow & amber warnings, with freezing winds expecting to peak, with snow on higher ground.

Here at Soak&Sleep we want everyone to keep warm, safe, and to take care of our loved ones and neighbours. So here’s a little check list of what to make sure you have…

Candles & torches –If your house is located anywhere like I live, the moment the weather turns, the power is first to go. Goodbye hot water, warm radiators, food and that anticipated Apprentice episode – therefore make sure there is a large supply of candles & torches

night candle 

Easy Dinner – tins of beans, cereal bars, bags of crisps, bars of chocolate, yes it may not be part of your diet, but you’ll need some little treats to keep you smiling 🙂 

crisps bag

Board Games – The powers gone, or you would just rather not venture outside, grab those board games that are gathering dust, and snuggle down with your family and play into the night. Monopoly by candle night will be so much fun you’ll wonder why you don’t do it every week!

board games

Make sparks – stock up on wood, kindle, and newspaper and get a roaring fire going, and relax.

Bath in front of fireplace

Cover up – grab all the duvets, blankets in the house, throw on a pair of pyjamas and make a den. Hide away with story books, chocolates, and if your lucky you won’t even hear the windows rattling

kids night camp

Take care of yourselves – and make sure you check on any neighbours or elderly residents until the storm subsided.

Also here are some quick wins of ways to keep warm with some of our products!

To start with we have our Artic duvets. Yes you heard that correctly A-R-T-I-C, one step higher than a standard 13.5 winter tog duvet. These are available in our classic hollowfibre ranges & duck feather and down, and are designed to keep our customers warm during cold spells this winter.

 duvet on crates

Team this up with one of our blankets and bedspreads, and you’re guaranteed to keep warm top to toe, even when it’s blowing a gale outside! Our new best-selling Lambs wool knit, is perfect for keeping the chill away, or team this up with our Classic Quilted bedspread & our new grey Sheepskin slippers to really keep the heat in. 

Have some good ways to keep warm during this storm, or just want to share a picture of your roaring fire, or candle lit dinner? We would love to hear from you! Share your pictures & tips on our Facebook and Twitter.  

grey fur lined slippers


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  1. December 29, 2014

    Daniela Mynard Reply

    I have two friends that use your website and are pleased with there orders. I have made my first and second orders two single quilts, two single fitted sheets and four pillows. I cant wait to receive them and find out for myself what great quality there are. If I am pleased I will use your website for more things.

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