New Year’s Resolutions for 2015

New Year’s Resolutions for 2015. New Year…New You!

The guests have left, the turkey is long gone (no more sandwiches…gulp), the chocolates boxes are just filled in wrappers, and now you actually have to move from the sofa and back into your normal life. January is always a shock to the system, and most of us feel a sense of sadness that all the excitement is over…

Now that we are back at our desks (whimper), trying to concentrate, our minds will wander to how we can make this the best year ever, and what resolutions we can make. Here are 5 of the most popular for 2015, ring any bells…?

  1. Exercise! For you regular gym bunny’s this is the worst time of year. When the cross trainers are filled up with new goers, but instead of wishing them to disappear and cancel their membership…root them on! Let 2015 be the year that exercise becomes a weekly not monthly occurrence!
  2. Eat Well! We are all guilty of pigging out this cold January, how else will we keep warm (Subway breakfast anyone?)! Give yourself a food plan, drink more water, try to cut out sugar where you can, but don’t forget to treat yourself now and again, you only live once after all!
  3. Time for you! I know it’s hard, the weeks are filled with work, the evenings cold and dark, and the weekends booked up, but don’t forget to treat yourself. Give yourself a slot of time at least twice a week to do something that YOU love. Whether it’s a glorious candle lit bubble bath, a thrilling crime novel, or a riveting squash game with some friends, mark it in the diary and make sure you do it.
  4. Friends & Family: Appreciate your family & friends, and plan exciting trips, chilled movie night, or boozy country walks.
  5. ZZZZZZs: Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep. Give yourself time to recharge in 2015, and make sure you have early nights and plenty of rest.

Have any of our Soak&Sleep customers got any other New Year’s resolution? We would love to hear how you plan to make 2015 the best year yet! 

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