How to survive Daylight Savings Time!

This Sunday 29th March (Daylight Savings Time), we will all loose an hour in bed, as it’s that time of year when the clocks jump forward an hour, and we are left feeling bleary eyed. (But don’t forget, it will be worth it…gone are the dark morning, roll on summer!)

Here at Soak&Sleep, we know everything about all things sleep related, so here are some tips on how to ease yourself into a new season.

1. Spend time outdoors

This Sunday, make sure you make the most of the outdoors, and get plenty of fresh air. (Make sure you check the weather, as you may just need an umbrella!)

2. Unwind

Nothing feels better than getting into your bed, sleepy and ready to switch off. Spoil yourself to a nice bath, and soft clean pyjamas, and sheets. Make sure your room is not too warm, and dark. Leave your phone, tablet, or laptop in the other room.

3. Eat Well!

Look after yourself this week with plenty of delicious meals, keeping hydrated and drinking lots of water, and avoid too much caffeine, sugar, and alcohol.

4. Out with the old, in with the new…

This clock change, may be the time to assess your current sleep environment. Saggy mattress? Start April with a new mattress!


 Give yourself time to adjust to your new time schedule, and think positively that even though the clocks going back may make you sleepy, it means that summer is around the corner. Get the Pimms & BBQ’s ready! 

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