Better Sleep Month Findings

Here at the Soak&Sleep head office, we’re obsessed with all things sleep, that’s why during the month of May we teamed up with blogger Curate & Display, and  we celebrated “Better Sleep Month” with a survey that delved into the nation habits. 

Behind the survey there was a chance to win an exclusive £150 voucher for Soak&Sleep.

The results are in, and we were surprised and fascinated by what we found out. Who knew that 3 in 10 of our customers sleep in the nude…cheeky!

Lots of information was gathered, and here we have narrowed down the bits and bobs that we found very interesting in a stylish info-graphic!

What do you think? Is stress keeping you up at night? Do you think of your bedroom as a place for romance, or a relaxing sanctuary? 


Better Sleep Month Survey 2015
Better Sleep Month Survey 2015

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