The Soak&Sleep guide to surviving the festival season

It’s that time of the year again – Glastonbury, the leader of the festival pack, kicks off today, marking a summer of music, mud and madness. Whether raving the night away at a music festival, or heading to something altogether different, we have just the ticket to make it the best festival yet.

Check out our Top 4 essentials to festival like a pro…


1. Luxury Mulberry silk eye mask, £6.

Have you ever tried to sleep past sunrise in a tent? It’s tricky. Add in the heat (or sound of rain, more likely), fellow festival-revellers singing, laughing, cooking breakfast; you get the drift… sleep can be somewhat of a mythical creature at a festival so let’s help give you the best shot possible – after all, you will need  all of the energy you can get to fully maximise on the festivities for the rest of the weekend, too!

Luxury Mulberry Silk eye mask, £6
Luxury Mulberry Silk eye mask, £6


2. Fouta striped towel, £15.

Space is limited, and you need any additional packing room for your wellies / sun lotion / disposable BBQ (delete as appropriate) so a huge towel is the last thing you’ll be able to pack. Until now! Enjoy the most flexible towel yet – the Fouta towel is ultra absorbent, super thin and compact, extra large and incredibly fast-drying, all at once. First designed to mop up sweaty Turkish spa-goers, it’ll handle a grubby festival-goer, easy peasy. You can even wear it as a sarong if you so wish, it’s that versatile!

Fouta Blue Striped Towel, £15
Fouta Blue Striped Towel, £15


3. Highly washable hollow fibre pillow (pack of 2), £9.50.

A pillow is a must. Trust us. But you also need to take into account that you’ll be in a field. And it will probably be a muddy one at that. Fear not – muddy wellingtons, spilt drinks, fast food grubbiness and general camping gripes are all temporary, as this pillow is easily washable to ensure a fresh bed once you’re home again. Genius!

Highly washable pillow, £9.50 (2 pack)
Highly washable pillow, £9.50
(2 pack)


4. Canvas Laundry bags, from £1.50

This may seem like an odd addition to the list, but just imagine getting home after an epic weekend, and having to sort through your bag, laundry in one pile, bits and bobs in another – why not have everything compartmentalised before you even leave the festival site? It may sound a little excessive, but a sorting system will be a godsend when you’re home with the festival blues and the last thing you want to do is unpack.

Canvas laundry bags, from £1.50
Canvas laundry bags, from £1.50


For those not heading to a festival this Summer – why not float away with cool Summer vibes in your own Mediterranean escape – our Moorish embroidered bedlinen is just the ticket…

Moorish embroidered bedlinen, from £57


…and now relax

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