How to sleep cool this heatwave with Soak&Sleep

Summer means many things to different people – drinks in the sunshine, paddling in the sea, or having a picnic in the park. We love our English summers, but with temperatures higher than Rio we would ideally be sleeping to the sound of waves crashing, and a balmy sea breeze cooling our skin. Since that isn’t going to be possible for tonight at least, we thought we would share our top tips for getting 40 winks during the hottest July on record (and it’s only the second day!)’


1. Keep the light out

Let your inner goddess shine and don a natural eye mask to block out any early morning rays – making sure you get the most hours of sleep possible

Silk Eye Masks
Silk Eye Masks

2. Put the snuggly away

Store your winter warmth duvet neatly out of sight (you won’t be needing that for a while – yay!) in a cotton bag and bring out your natural light duvets for lightweight summer cover.

Bedroom Storage
Bedroom Storage


3. Feel fresh

Avoid feeling hot and sweaty with a natural, light and breathable duvet. We would recommend a temperature regulating cotton or wool – perfect for wicking away heat whilst you sleep. Alternatively a lightweight 4.5 tog in your favourite range will be a welcome relief to stay cool beneath the sheets. For the ultimate holiday vibes why not use a flat sheet to cover you whilst you rest. Make sure it is 100% cotton for breathablility – why not try our 200tc option.


4. Say hello to H2O

Keep a glass of water by your bed to quench your midnight thirst!


5. Dress to impress

Breathable linencotton silk pyjamas are perfect at keeping you cool and comfortable

Beautiful Breathable Nightwear
Beautiful Breathable Nightwear


6. Get FAN-cy

For the hottest of rooms a small fan is perfect to keep the air moving for a constant breeze.


Have you got any tips at keeping cool this heatwave? Get in touch! 

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