Top 5 pillows for back sleepers

Whether you resemble sleeping beauty or a starfish, sleeping on your back for some people is the most comfortable position. It has been suggested that it reduces back pain, and is the best position to avoid getting wrinkles! So…let’s find you the perfect pillow

Duck Feather & Down

Filled with 85% duck feather and 15% duck down, our standard feather and down pillows are ideal for back sleepers. This is a slightly, shallower pillow that is perfect for keeping your head supported by not raised up too high. Gone are the days of waking up with neck ache!

Duck feather and down pillows
Duck feather and down pillows

Luxury Pure Wool Pillow

If you find yourself getting hot whilst you sleep, or just prefer a natural option then look no further than our wool pillow. Having a slightly denser, firmer texture with plenty of support makes this ideal for back sleepers due to its flatter profile. Added bonuses is that it is naturally hypoallergenic so great for allergy sufferers and children. Read about the wool hype here

Wool pillow on crate
Wool pillow

Cotton Pillow

Similar to the Luxury Wool Pillow, or Cotton pillow is perfect for warm weather. Filled with 100% cotton this pillow is super breathable and perfect for back sleepers. 

Luxury Cotton pillow on a crate
Luxury Cotton Pillow

Latex Pillow

Latex is a great invention – coming from a natural source, it is sustainable and has breathable and absorbent qualities to it too. Perfect if you find yourself getting warm during the night. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Latex Pillow.

Latex Pillow on a chair
Latex Pillow

Pure Silk Pillows

Our Silk pillows aren’t as plump and puffy as a feather and down, but this means it is perfect if you lie on your back. Made with 100% Tussah silk, this slightly denser, flatter pillow offers excellent support.

Silk Pillow stack on a crate
Silk Pillow

There we have it…we hope that this has helped – Remember our friendly customer service team are available to give any further advice to help you find the pillow for you! 

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