Soak&Sneak Peak: Behind the scenes at the warehouse

Ever wondered what happens when you’ve ordered your favourite Soak&Sleep products? Well so did the Marketing team, so they made the trip up to Northampton to the warehouse to see how  it all worked!

Greeted by the friendly staff, they were given high vis, trusted with a scanner each for picking and packing, given a short training and sent on their way. 

With orders flying through the system quick and fast, the pressure was on to make sure that these orders were picked in record time, and packaged securely. 

From locating large bouncy toppers and snuggly duvets, to manoeuvring down the tight rows stocked high with products, the day was challenging and exciting. 

I am sure they were very grateful that no one ordered a mattress whilst we were there! 

Alex captured the day (most to the teams dismay) and rustled up this video – enjoy!



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