Fun Fact Friday: ‘Sleep Tight’

“Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite” 

Ever wondered why ‘sleep tight’?

Where did this saying come from? 

Well we’ve put the Soak&Sleep team to the test in celebration of ‘Fun Fact Friday’, and are going to give you the answer (well we think anyway!). 

Let’s start by going back in time…a time before super comfy pocket sprung mattresses and a cosy topper were the norm (sounds awful doesn’t it!) and the bed you slept on at night was atop of a criss cross of ropes. If you wanted a firm yet comfortable nook to have your well-earned 40 winks on, you would need to pull the ropes tighter on your bed. We would imagine that failing to do so would have probably provided a rude awakening. 

We think we’ll stick to our Ultimate Orthopaedic Mattress – designed to help you drift off with no ropes required! 

Back next Friday with another fun fact, and don’t forget ‘Sleep Tight’! 

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