Back to University Check List

You worked hard to study your dream subject at your destination of choice, and now the time has finally arrived: the time where you are leaving home, making new friends, and starting the next chapter in your life. This may seem daunting enough without having to worry that you might forget something important, but never fear, Soak&Sleep is here to help ease you in with a handy check list.

Whether you will be spending your time at university studying hard, or partying hard, there’s nothing better than a well made bed that encompasses all the comforts from home.

Mattress protector

First things first, you need to start with the easy part…the essentials. Choose a good mattress protector and you won’t have to think about lying on top of whatever your previous resident spilt on the mattress! Our luxury cotton protector is breathable, quilted and easy to chuck into the washing machine. Hassle free!

Mattress protectors
First things first…

Pillows & duvet

You want to be able to enjoy your lie ins after an all nighter at the “library” (cough cough), so make sure you’re set with nice fluffy pillows and a cosy duvet. You can’t go wrong with our anti allergy microfibre pillows and duvet, or if you’re feeling a bit fancy, try some squishy duck feather and down pillows. Hit snooze and have another 10 minutes – you’ll feel well rested with these luxuries.

Duvet and Pillows
You can never be too cuddly!


If you want to feel like you’re being cuddled by clouds when you go to bed, a snuggly mattress topper is just the ticket, and we have just the one you need. Our soft as down microfibre topper is not only a dream to collapse onto, it’s also easy to wash and maintain. A topper will help to smooth out the lumps and bumps of a well-used mattress.

Pile of toppers
Who fancies a topper stack?


You’re going to need a few towels to ensure you always have a clean, dry one to hand, and of course they HAVE to be soft, thick and cuddly. So don’t look any further than our essential towel bale. Two bath sheets, two hand towels. Job done.

Blue Towel Bale
You’ll regret having lots of towels!


When flying the nest, it’s the small details that really make your room feel like home. A nice rug can not only add character to your room, but also ensures your feet don’t have you touch the cut pile carpet first thing when you get out of bed. Hide your dirty laundry in style with a natural rush washing basket. Complete your homely bed with a cosy bedspread – we have plenty – perfect for any look!

Quilted bedspreads
Which colour is your favourite?

Runway fashion

Start your new chapter with a new look, and upgrade your PJ’s with stylish brushed cotton. Perfect for hanging out, revising, or even casual Friday night drinks with a pyjama pub crawl…

Night flannel pjs
Is this the look your going for?

So there you have it, we hope you find everything you need to make your room a home. If you have any more ideas, or want to share your bedroom look, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Check out our Soak&Sleep ‘Back to Uni’ video. 


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