Fun Fact Friday: Otter-ly Adorable

Everyone sleeps differently, now that’s a fact. The comfiest position to one person may make another wake up with a cricked neck. Some love to cuddle their other half like the movies, whilst others need their own space. 

But regardless of this, in the Soak&Sleep office this Friday we could all agree on something…that this week’s fun fact Friday was far too cute (leaving a few bleary eyed). 

Sea otters sleep holding hands…we know it’s far too much. 

Not only that, they link up with pals and float whilst they eat as well, creating something called a ‘raft’ that can range from a couple of otters to hundreds (now that’s a party we want to go to). They do this to ensure they don’t loose each other, or split up their families.

We found these photos to swoon at…perfect Friday afternoon viewing. 

Have a great weekend, and see you next week!

Sleeping Otters
Image from Pinterest

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