Top jet lag tips for Rugby World Cup players

This evening strikes the start of the Rugby World Cup 2015, and here at the Soak&Sleep offices we are buzzing with excitement. Not only is it kicking off this evening with England playing Fiji, but this year as you all know we are on home soil. You can feel the support everywhere. 

If you have been lucky to go on holiday to a long distance destination, you’ll know that your biological clock becomes misaligned with the time zone you visit. This can result in falling asleep during the day, and being wide awake at night.

Of course we care about our boys, but being sleep specialists, we wanted to give some much needed advice to those team members flying in from various destinations around the world (no falling asleep on the pitch please!). 

Water, water, water and not a drop to drink 

When your settled in your seat and ready for the in-flight entertainment, ask the air hostess for some water. This keeps away headaches, and other discomforts, and also brings your energy levels up for when you’ve landed in London…ready for your warm ups!

Travelling flying

Watch set

Like your smart phone does automatically change your watch to the correct time zone before you arrive. This mean you can start doing things according to the time zone your heading too. 

collection of antique clocks


Now you’ve got your clock set, try to start eating at the correct times during the flight. Bring along some nibbles to avoid being confused by the in-flight meals. 


Move yourself 

Don’t sit down for the whole flight, use the aisle as your catwalk, and give other flyers a show. When seated do some small stretching exercises to get you ready for the match, such as straightening out your legs and flexing your toes, and reaching your arms up. Imagine your on the pitch and you’ll be fine. 

women stretching at window

Lights out, all out

Take a eye mask with you whilst you travel (perhaps our smooth silk if your looking for a bit of luxury), and keeping your destination time zone in mind, keep out the light. Use a reading light to stay awake if the cabin lights are off for everyone else. 

sleeping on a plane with eye mask on

Once you’ve landed, stick to normal routines, and avoid taking naps during the day (we know this is hard). 

So there you have it rugby players, we hope these tips will help to adjust to the time zone. 

Good luck and see you on the pitch. 

Have you got any other tips? 

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