Warm Drink Wednesday: Snuggle up with London Fog

Dark nights, chunky knits, and a good movie…winter has arrived, and here at Soak&Sleep we’re excited. We’ve got our beds all kitted out with blankets and throws, and have unearthed the warm high tog duvet ready for cold nights. But we were left scratching our heads about what other things we could do to keep warm this winter. Of course a soaky bath with our new bath oil (why not give our new toiletries a gander) is a must, but we got into the hot topic of warm drinks to take the edge off.

So without further ado, we welcome our new blog series over the coming months ‘Warm Drink Wednesday’, where we will be showcasing our favourite hot beverages along with a helpful step by step blog, and video.

To start this exciting venture, we posed the question to the Soak&Sleep family, and also headed to the world wide web to get the best recipes.

This week we’re starting with Rosie’s (from our marketing team) favourite, a London Fog; an exciting twist on your daily Early Grey comfort.

Shopping list

~ 1-2 Earl Grey Teabags
~ 1-2 Tablespoons of Vanilla Syrup
~ Roughly 150ml of Milk
~ Hot Water

Step one

Measure out a large dash of Vanilla Syrup (roughly 1-2 tablespoons)

London Fog Warm Drink Wednesday vanilla syrup

Step two

Throw in a Earl Grey teabag…and to that add hot water

London Fog Warm Drink Wednesday early grey tea bag and hot water

Step three

Meanwhile heat up 150ml of milk (dependant on the size of your glass) and whisk to make a foamy fog (see what we did there)

London Fog Warm Drink Wednesday whisking hot milk

Step four

Mix together and serve…the perfect twist to your daily cuppa, ideal when it’s dark and cold, and you need a good pick me up.

London Fog Warm Drink Wednesday London fog finished drink on wooden bench

What do you think? Share with us your thoughts and photos of your finished creations…

Check out our Youtube step by step guide, and subscribe if you don’t want to miss another warm drink Wednesday.

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