Warm Drink Wednesday – Blizzard Cocktail

 So…Christmas day has been and gone, the presents have been unwrapped and you may be feeling a little glum (and full from all the turkey sandwiches – don’t worry we’re not judging), so to keep things festive we’re bringing you our last (gulp) festive Warm Drink Wednesday. 

It may not be snowing outside, but we’re imagining frosty cold weather. Check your forecast, settle down and keep warm…there’s a storm brewing. Get ready for a Blizzard Cocktail (sorry I hope we didn’t have you scared there, we know more about togs then temperatures). 

Shopping list

~ 1 Cup of Whipping Cream
~ 1 Capful of Rum
~ 1 Capful of Bailey’s
~ 1 Teaspoon of Coffee
~ Hot Water
~ (Optional) 1-2 Teaspoon of Sugar

 Step one

Whisk up your fresh whipping cream, this can be done by hand or by whisk (we borrowed Rosie’s from customer service…thanks Rosie!). 

Warm drink wednesday - blizzard cocktails

Step two 

Pour the Baileys & Rum into your chosen glass…

Baileys going into blizzard cocktail

Step 3
Throw in the coffee granules and fill three quarters of the way up with hot water. Here is where if needed you can pop some sugar into the mix. 
Coffee and water to a blizzard cocktail
Step four
Top the drink off with a generous dollup of whipped cream.
Whipped cream on a blizzard cocktail
And voila your drink is ready to be served…
Blizzard cocktail
 Well that’s the end of our Warm Drink Wednesdays series (for 2015 that is)…we really hope you enjoyed it as much as we loved making, and sampling all the delicious recipes.
Any drinks that your desperate to know how you can recreate it at home, or perhaps its that dreamy breakfast in bed that your dying to sample, then just get in touch. We would love to hear from you, and it gives us ideas for our next series.
Happy New Year and we hope 2016 is a fantastic one for you all.


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