Happy New Year – What are your resolutions?

New year, new you, what is your New Year resolution for 2016? Whether its to be more adventurous, quit smoking, or hit the gym, the hardest part is breaking the habit. We know how easy it is to give in (trust us, we’re still finishing off the Christmas chocolates in the office), so we asked some of our favourite contributors from 2015 to tell us what they are planning on achieving in 2016. 

So here goes…which ones can you relate with?

Madeleine Shaw

We were lucky to interview Madeleine Shaw in our ‘In bed with…’ feature, and ask her all things to do with her sleep, her bedroom look and also tips for winding down. Her book ‘Get The Glow‘ is becoming a must have, making her a figure leading the way for a healthier lifestyle and a happier mind.  


“In 2016 I’ll be putting my phone away in the evening so I can wind down better. Looking at our phone stimulates our brain; whether it’s looking at emails, scrolling Instagram or texting your friends. I’ll be reading a book, chatting to my family and friends face to face (which is so much better than texting anyway!), or snuggling up on the sofa with my colouring for mindfulness books. I’ve started doing it this year and I’ve noticed a difference already!”

Natasha Kerry

Natasha Kerry attended our blogger event last year, and bought with her her expert knowledge of yoga, and also developer of her very own Yoga Sleep method. We enjoyed a short class with her, using moves that are designed to wind you down in the evening, and revitalise in the morning. We asked her what her plans for 2016 is…

Natasha Kerry

“My New Year’s sleep resolution is to keep my sleep environment clean and clutter free, to regularly smudge my place with sage to create a great ambiance and positive energy.  To burn white candles, have a relaxing bath and switch off all of my devices early and practice Yin Yoga postures and The Yoga Sleep Method just before I sleep.”

Kristy Noble

We have loved working with Kristy in 2015, who is  a still and lifestyle photographer, who is responsible for a lot of the beautiful product and lifestyle imagery that you see on our site. She spending the first week of January visiting the city that never sleeps, NYC, and we caught up with her before she headed off. Can’t wait to see the pictures Kristy! 

Kristy Noble 

“In the New Year my sleep resolution will be to get into bed at least half an hour before I want to go to sleep, so I can read a good book! What a treat.” 

 What do you think? Tell us your New Year resolutions… 

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