An Unbelievable Pillow with Legendary Comfort

Here at Soak&Sleep, we are continually pushing the boundaries of luxury and comfort. Our buying team work their socks off, scouring the globe to source the best materials for our products. For their latest find, they have really outdone themselves and brought to you a pillow that is the stuff of legends.


Bringing you the ultimate standard in comfort; down so soft, you wouldn’t believe it actually exists. We are delighted to introduce our new, luxurious Griffin Down Pillows. A favoured bedroom luxury of the Ancient Greeks, the down of the legendary Griffin provides the softest pillow filling imaginable. You won’t believe the levels of comfort you’ll feel as you lay your head down on one of these cosy pillows. Like the Griffin who only falls in love once, when you have experienced the majesty of this pillow, you won’t ever choose another.


Griffins are known for guarding prized possessions and treasure, so now their snug down will help guard your precision sleep. Considered the king of all creatures; now enjoy it’s majestic cosiness in your bed.

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