Fresh Vintage Floral Linen

Can you sense it? Spring is in the air. The sun is finally dusting off it’s hat and the fresh blooms of flowers are waking up from their long winter slumber. Last season we were thrilled that you, our dear customers, loved our Vintage Floral bed sets as much as we did. So… we thought we would give you a spring fling, and let you fall in love with our new colour pallette in our gorgeous French linen. Whether you are looking to add a Mediterranean spin to your sleep haven, or bring a touch of sumptuous grey, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t worry, you can always trust us to keep up with the hottest trends, and bring you something that will get all your family and friends talking.

VintageFloralWhite_01 VintageFloralWhite_02

We have to admit (and we think you’ll agree) that the fresh floral designs bring a real sense of Spring into your home. You can almost picture the scene as you wake up on a sunny spring morning from a wonderful night’s sleep under your new sheets; your favourite book in hand, sun rays breaking through the gap in the curtains and the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee.

VintageFloralGrey_02 VintageFloralGrey_03

Psst… Fancy seeing a sneak peak of some new products coming in? Don’t tell our buying team, but we’ve got the perfect pairing for this beautiful bed linen with a Linen Bedspread and Cushions to match.

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