Make the Most of May Day

As April draws to a close and we welcome May into 2016 with open arms, we can revel in the fact that we get to enjoy two bank holidays this month. So with the first long weekend upon us, we thought we’d give a few suggestions as to what you can do to make the most of that extra day off.


Life is better when your in pyjamas…

Let’s start with the obvious. Being a company that loves to make the most out of being snuggled up in bed, why not stay in your pyjamas and have a cosy duvet day. Grab your laptop, tablets or TV and line up your favourite films or TV show and indulge in the fact that you don’t have to deal with the commute today. If you’d prefer avoid looking at a screen for the day, then you could lose yourself in a book or just ponder about life whilst listening to your favourite band or musician.


Wash away your troubles with some bubbles…

Another good way you could wind down on the bank holiday would be to run yourself a nice, warm, bubbly bath and let your worries just melt away. Why not enhance your peaceful soak with one or two of our scented candles, creating a relaxing aura and a personal place of tranquillity. Pure bliss!


Tidy house, tidy mind…

If you’ve got the energy to spare and feel an urge for a day of productivity, then why not bring a fresh feel to your home and give it a good Spring clean. Clear the clutter from Winter and revitalise your house from top to bottom. Move your furniture around to give it a new perspective. And why not treat yourself to some crisp, new bed linen and a lighter feeling 9.0 tog Spring duvet.


So there you have it! How are you spending your bank holiday?

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