Celebrating our Fathers with Brothers

This year, we are celebrating our Fathers with Brothers. For the upcoming Father’s Day, we’ve teamed up with Brothers Cider to run a competition where you can win a crate of Brothers NEW Hop Cider PLUS a luxury bathrobe, sheepskin slippers and blue chambray PJs from Soak&Sleep. Let dad put his feet up, relax and enjoy a few cold ones.


Refreshing Brothers Cider and relaxed Soak&Sleep nightwear: a match made in heaven for Father’s Day. Both companies share a passion for creating the highest quality products for the public to enjoy in their down time.

Video from Brothers Cider

With 14 generations of cider production behind them, Francis, Jonathan, Matthew and Daniel (the Brothers that the brand is named after) have a wealth of experience behind them when it comes to creating the variety of fruity ciders that we know and love today. Their chapter of the story began at Glastonbury Festival in 1995 where they first sold their Pear Cider to the mass of music enthusiasts. Due to the popularity of  their beverage over the years at the festival, they knew it could no longer be contained within the boundaries of Worthy Farm. This is when they brought it to the masses, and the rest is history.


You can enter this competition up until midnight on the Wednesday 15th June. Don’t miss out!

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