Wonderful Willow Storage

It’s nice to have a spring clean once in a while. Tidy away your bit and bobs that have found residents all over your home. Maybe it’s in a “neat” pile in the corner of your bedroom or strategically stuffed into a wardrobe. Finding an organised way to store your possessions can sometimes be troublesome. But never fear, we’re here to help.

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Following on from the popularity of our range of Grey Willow Storage, our buying team has not only expanded this existing range by adding an under bed storage basket; we now offer all those storage options in white.

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The fresh, bright feel of the new White Willow Storage instantly lightens up any home. Perfect for storing your household objects away and out of sight, but don’t be shy, they’re gorgeous to have on view too.

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Mix and match some grey with white willow storage or get different colour options for different rooms. Complete the whole set of one colour or just buy a single storage option. You’ll be spoilt for choice. Whatever you choose, you can be reassured that you’re purchasing hard wearing storage that looks beautiful all year round. There’ll be no weeping over this willow.

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