Keeping Cool at Bed Time

We bloomin’ love summer here at Soak&Sleep! Getting as much vitamin D as we possibly can whilst enjoying BBQs in the garden and day trips to the beach. But with all this glorious sunshine, we know that inevitably when we get back home in the evening, our bedrooms are going to be hotter than the centre of the sun! Well, never fear. We are here to offer some helpful advice as to how you can improve your sleep on those sweltering nights.

High Summer Duvet

Let’s start with your duvet. When you’re already baking hot, having a heavy duvet on top of you really isn’t going to help matters. Grab yourself one of our high summer duvets to help keep you cool at night. With only 2.5 or 3 togs, these won’t weigh down on top of you, but still give you that comforting material to snuggle up with to help you drift off.

Cotton or Linen Pyjamas


Some of you may opt to go commando on a hot summer night, but for those of you that prefer to keep covered up, linen or cotton pyjamas are perfect. Made from naturally cooling materials, these will ensure you can enjoy a virtually sweat free night’s sleep.

French Linen Bed Linen

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, linen is perfect for keeping us cool at night. Lightweight with a soft feel and available in a variety of colours and styles. Plus, did you know linen absorbs 3x more water than cotton. Practical AND stylish. If it’s an especially warm evening, you can just use a linen flat sheet instead of a duvet. No sweat!

Natural Filling Pillows


No one knows how to keep you cool better than Mother Nature. With a choice of wool, cotton and silk, these fillings are naturally temperature regulating and wick away moisture. You can be rest assured that these pillows will let you drift off with comfort and ease.

Linen Bedspread

Back again with our lovely linen, this material is truly your perfect summer companion. If the cooling properties of this material wasn’t enough for you, it gets softer with every wash plus it is a very affordable choice for a bedspread. Paired up with a flat sheet or just using it on it’s own is an ideal alternative to having a duvet.

Coolmax Protectors


Let’s cut to the chase. When it’s hot, we sweat. But you don’t want to sweat through to your mattress and pillows as these can be a nightmare to clean. Well, with our Coolmax mattress and pillow protectors, you’ll not only keep them sweat free but the Coolmax fibre renders the sleeping surface superbly cool and comfortable.

So that’s everything you need to know to help you keep cool at night. Either that or you could build an igloo in your bedroom. Whichever suits you best.

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