National Relaxation Day

We like to consider ourselves flag bearers of relaxation. Bringing you products and ideas of how to make the most of your 5 to 9; the hours when you’re away from the daily grind and want to make the most of your down time. We all like to take some time out of our hectic lives to unwind and we all have our own way of doing that. As today it National Relaxation Day, we went round the office to find out what our Soak&Sleep family do to relax after a long, hard day bringing you the best bedroom and bathroom products in town.

Sophie, Assistant Buyer (and the star of our products videos)

“To relax, I enjoy singing in my local choir, with my mum. Family and music <3 ”

Edmond, Creative Designer

“I usually watch random maths videos on YouTube.”


Becky, Customer Service Executive

“Watch a film and have a nap.”

Alex, Marketing Executive

“I normally like to go to the gym or a nice long walk to wind down, but if I’m feeling a bit lazy, Netflix or Xbox it is.”


Robert, Head of Finance

“Cocktails by the fire pit or running with the dog. (Can’t really do both at once)”

Adam, Customer Service Executive

“For me it would have to be a good cuppa tea and a nice book 🙂 ”


Becci, Assistant Merchandiser

“My favourite tried and tested method has to be getting a massage!”

Tash, Buying and Merchandising Assistant

“Mine would be taking a Pilates class 🙂 ”


Laura, Trade Sale Executive

“Hitting the gym!!! Muscle gains 😉 always helps me relax!”

Sarah, Head of Buying and Merchandising

“Loud music whilst I’m cooking! Neck stretch exercises. Reflexology!”


So that’s what we do to unwind. We’d love to know what you do for your moments of relaxation? Let us know in the comments section below.

Now relax…

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