Get Guest-Ready This Christmas: Mother In Law

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes relaxing, overeating, and quality family time. There is no denying that having all the family sat together at the Christmas themed table, eating a lovely roast, fills us all with happiness. Yet sometimes the Christmas prep to get to the magical moments can seem a bit of a drag. The many trips to the supermarkets stocking up on food, the endless shopping trips for the last minute gifts, and then getting your home ready for the guests. But Christmas should be a time of joy, and the Christmas spirit shouldn’t be dampened by preparations.

So…Soak&Sleep are here to help by sharing our suggestions for making your home guest ready! We want to help you make your guest bedrooms and bathrooms the best that they can be for all types of guests, from Grandpa with a bad back to Aunty Jill with Allergies.


This first blog is one for impressing the Mother In Law, a guest who may have slightly higher expectations than others. Let’s face it, we don’t all have the budget to fill our Mother in Law’s guest room from top to bottom with high price luxury, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with high-quality products that she, and you will love.

We know buying a brand new mattress just for a guest isn’t always realistic, but if you’re worried that the guest mattress may not suit your Mother In Law’s needs, it may be best to use a topper to refresh. A topper can create an extra layer of comfort and can be in a fill of your (or their) choice. Our New Duck Feather Topper is a beautifully soft, supportive addition. These toppers are filled with 100% Duck Feather which not only ensures support but also warmth.


Keeping with the feather fill, rather than a synthetic alternative, our Duck Feather and Down duvets can maintain the soft warm feel of the topper. These duvets are perfect for sleepers who feel colder at night as the duvet is slightly weightier than others. The 15% duck down makes the duvet cosy whilst the 85% duck feather adds bulk. Be sure to give the duvet a good shake before she arrives, to ensure an even, cosy and fluffy fill.

Match the duvet with our Duck Feather and Down Pillows, a light fluffy pillow which comes in a soft or firm support, to ensure your guest head and neck are kept happy whichever their preference. Both our Duck Feather and Down duvets and Pillows can send your guest to sleep heaven and looks great on the bed when not being used.

To dress the bed, we think our Luxury Embroidered Bed Linen is a real treat. A classic design of embroidered flowers and picot stitching run along the pillowcases and duvet edge. It’s 100% cotton, which makes it breathable, soft and smooth. The stunning white fabric can match perfectly to a 200 or 600 thread count Egyptian white sheet, and is a neutral colouring to add bedspreads and cushions. The bed can look stylish yet simple, not over the top with colour or patterns.


Drape our Classic Cotton Quilted Bedspread over the end of the bed for both warmth and adding style and texture to the room, complementing the bed linen perfectly. This bedspread is a classic best-selling style which comes in soft subtle shades. Matching Classic Cotton Quilted cushion covers are available to keep the cosy look. The neutral colours means they can suit various linen designs for future guests.

When it’s not being used, the guest bedroom can often become the second loft, chucking unused items in and shutting them away. So when getting the guest bedroom Mother In Law ready, use storage bags or boxes to clear away any clutter. Using our Willow or Rope storage collection can be a great way of keeping the room tidy but still looking stylish.

Finishing touches can bring the room together, by all means, you want to impress but you also want your mother in law to feel at home. Place a few books and a radio on the bedside tables so she can escape to her room for some alone time (you may need it too).


Fold a bath towel, hand towel and face cloth neatly on the bed ready for use. There is no doubt that she will bring her own, but just in case…place our relax and revive toiletries, including hand lotions, bath creams and oils into a wash-bag for an extra luxurious touch and pop some of our Sheepskin Slippers by the bed to greet her toes with luxury
We hope our suggestions will help you get your room guest-ready for your Mother In Law this Christmas. Whether you’re looking forward to her arrival (or dreading it) having the room ready is essential!

We would love to see how you’ve made your rooms guest-ready, so be sure to share your lovely pictures and any further suggestions on our social pages.

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