Get Guest-Ready This Christmas: 5* Bathroom

Getting your house guest-ready for Christmas means preparing all things Kitchen, Bedroom, Living Room. The areas you know you’ll spend time, and you want looking great for your guests. Sometimes the Bathroom can fall through the net, so Soak&Sleep want to ensure your bathrooms look blissful this Christmas. Now your bedroom is guest-ready for your Mother In Law, its time to focus on the Bathroom. 

Bathrooms can often become cluttered at Christmas, with guest toothbrushes being laid upon the sink and tiles becoming slippery and wet from the shower. We want your guests to view your bathroom as 5* luxury. A relaxing quiet and elegant room where they can escape to refresh and replenish after the eventful nights of Christmas.

Our ranges have a wide choice of bathroom products that can make your guests feel as if they’ve walked into 5* luxury. The White Bamboo and Natural Stone Resin products are made of Polyresin, a strong material which can withstand the use of multiple guests during Christmas and last through the new year. The White bamboo range is complemented by natural bamboo, lacquered for longevity and adding a subtle touch of texture.

Offered in the both of the ranges is a soap dispenser to place upon your sink, a great way to hide any unattractive soap bottles. We also offer a soap dish, which is handy for those guests who may bring along their own bar of soap. A tumbler and a storage pot with a built-in mirror, are great ways to tidy and hide away those small bathroom essentials.The white or natural waste bin is perfect to pop in a bathroom without attracting too much attention.The natural stone resin range also has a separate toilet roll stand, create for stacking toilet roll neatly.

It’s always best to stock up on the bathroom essentials, shampoos & conditioners, hand creams, moisturisers and makeup removers. If you’re feeling extra hotel-esq grab the miniature bottles and your guests can keep them!

The next must-have is a collection of beautiful towels. Giving your guests an old, worn towel probably won’t spread the Christmas spirit, and if your towels are old they’re probably due a refresh anyway so, impressing your guests is the perfect excuse to re stock.

Our Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels come in an array of beautiful colours, designed to suit all bathroom decors. It’s also great for when guest come to stay, different colour towels can ensure they aren’t mixing up their towels. Lay your towels folded on your guest bed, stacking bath towel, hand towel and face towels to give that extra luxury guest feel. Our Luxury Egyptian cotton towels are made from 100% cotton ensuring they last long and are soft. The extra long cotton fibres mean the fabric has incredible absorbency yet dries quickly.  

Make sure you use a bath mat, perfect for allowing your guest’s toes to step onto a warm, soft luxurious cotton mat rather than cold, slippery wet tiles.

Bath Robes, candles and room diffusers can be the perfect finishing touches to replicate a 5* Luxury bathroom. Allowing your guests to feel as if they’ve walked into hotel heaven. Adding these accessories, towels and finishing touches to your bathroom can make your bathroom look tidy and sleek, impressing your guests whilst giving them all the essentials to feel at home.

If you have any extra tips to offer, let us know…

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