Get Guest Ready This Christmas: 5* Bedroom

Hurray, it’s time for another addition to our Guest-ready blog! Christmas is a magical time of year, and it’s the perfect excuse to add some sparkly new additions to your home. When your guests are arriving, we want to help make sure your home greets them with the special magical touches they deserve. Be sure to check out our last Guest-Ready blog, helping Granddad and his bad back get the perfect night’s sleep. 

This blog is going to help you go the extra mile this Christmas, making your guest bedrooms reflect a 5* luxury hotel (without the extravagant price tags).

You want your guests to feel at home over their Christmas stay, but if you want to give the extra ‘wow’ factor, ensure the bed is dressed perfectly. Walking into any 5* hotel you would want to feel impressed on first impressions, but also impressed by the feel and quality of the bedding. We think our 100% Pure French Linen ticks both boxes. This linen looks stunning, available in an array of neutral colour tones. The relaxed fabric has a soft, cool touch as well as looking beautiful on the bed, creating that home away from home feel.

To achieve a crisper, more hotel-esq look, our Luxury 600TC egyptian cotton bed linen is great. This linen is luxuriously smooth and has a stylish oxford edging with silky marrow stitch piping.

For an extra hotel feel, we have some top tips for making your guest bed perfectly. Starting with a fitted sheet, tuck the sheet tightly under the mattress and smooth out any air pockets, tucking tightly as you go. Dress the duvet and pillows and shake well to ensure the fillings are even and fluffy, looking full and new. Lay your duvet first, placing it close to the headboard but ensuring the entire mattress is covered, the pillows can then be placed on top with the duvet running smoothly underneath.

If your house is full over Christmas and washing time-limited, tuck a flat sheet under the duvet cover, bring it up and over the cover. This eliminates the rush for washing a whole bedding and can be easily swapped out with a fresh clean sheet for the next guest. This sheeting method reflects the popular look of many boutique hotels.

Always add finishing touches to a bed when wanting to achieve a 5* luxury look, not only do they look good but they often come in handy for your guests. A bedspread tucked neatly over the end of the bed adds dimension and texture, but also is perfect for those who become chilly at night. We think our cotton velvet bedspreads add an ideal touch of 5*  luxury for your guests. Cushions can add style and shape, as well as colour and can also double up as a headrest if your guests like to read, or sit up in bed before sleeping.

Your guests probably won’t be expecting a bundle of towels made into a swan on the end of their bed, be sure to fold their towels neatly, in size order for a 5* feel. When folding the towel, lay it on a flat surface to so the corners meet perfectly. Our towel ranges can help you provide complete towel set. Our Luxury Egyptian Cotton, Supima Cotton and Soft Zero Twist towel ranges include hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets.

To add an extra luxurious 5* hotel feel, place some alternative pillows and extra blankets in the wardrobe for the guests who may not be impressed by your top choices. All sleepers are different and to capture all different needs will create the highest hotel standard.

Place some slippers and a dressing gown in the room to give your guests the option to use, sometimes despite their freezing toes, guests can become shy asking for extra essentials, so it’s good to cover all bases.

Finally, to finish off the overall look (by all means this not essential), place some fresh festive flowers on the bedside table to freshen up the room.

We hope these tips will help get you turn your guest room into 5* luxury this Christmas, please share your own tips and pictures on our Soak&Sleep social pages

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