Get Guest-ReadyThis Christmas: Nephew

Our Get guest-ready blogs have had your back’s in the lead up to Christmas (quite literally for Granddad). From 5* bathrooms and bedrooms to helping prep for the mother in law’s arrival, we’ve given our tips and tricks to help get guest-ready. The last entry in this series of blogs is for those who have the little ones visiting over Christmas, so this one is dedicated to getting guest-ready for your Nephews.

When your nephew comes to stay over Christmas there is no doubt they will arrive with their hands full of toys and electronics. You can also guarantee they will explore your house from top to bottom, so a light tidy would be recommended if you’re feeling house proud.

The first must-have in the guestroom is storage bags or boxes, weather your nephew turns up with toys, or is gifted with them over the Christmas period, the room is bound to be full of them. Our Rope Laundry and Storage is a great way to prepare for toy mayhem. These storage baskets are stylish yet relaxed, and can be a great way to store items without taking up too much space. The storage baskets come in a set of two and can cater for all the nephew needs. Baby-care essentials can be tucked away neatly rather than being bundled into Aunt’s baby bag, or books and toys can be placed here at night when playtime comes to an end.

Moving onto the bed essentials, if Father Christmas is on his way I’m sure your nephew will be asleep faster than ever, so these essentials are for you! Bed protectors are a great start, we sell a variety of protectors to cover all ages. For the little ones we suggest our waterproof protectors, helping protect your duvet and mattress from any bed-wettings and spillages. For the not so little ones, our best selling Luxury Cotton Quilted Pillow and Mattress Protectors are the perfect option. These soft, cushioned protectors help keep your mattress and pillows fresh.

To dress the bed, our Neutral Linen Stripe – 100% Pure French Linen is perfect. Our French Linen can instantly create a relaxed casual look, perfect for the younger ones who won’t be looking for crease-free perfection. The natural yellow, soft grey and blue stripes are great for the younger look, but can be dressed up once the nephew leaves to become a rustic dream. Add a Luxury Cotton Knotted Throw at the end of the bed. This soft cotton throw is great for layering up and comes in two colours perfect for the linen, a neutral and grey.

The thrills of Christmas always seem brighter for the younger ones, the magical happiness and beaming smiles are almost contagious. To keep up the magical theme, why not pop a few Christmas treats in the room. Lay a Christmas stocking on the bed, hang some Candy Canes on the bedside table handles and pop some Christmas lights over the head-board.

Soak&Sleep have loved sharing our tips and suggestions, helping you get guest-ready. And we’d love to keep hearing about and seeing your guest-ready rooms even more!

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