We’ve teamed up with Decleor…

It’s competition time! We’ve teamed up Decléor, the beauty brand with the highest expertise in aromatherapy skincare, so two of you can win some exclusive Decléor sleep care prizes AND a pair of Soak&Sleep’s silk pillowcases. To enter simply click here.

Decléor has lead with their visionary approach to beauty for more than 40 years and continue to deliver the most beautiful skin products suitable for all skin types and their needs. This beauty brand scientifically selects and incorporates premium essential oils alongside pure, potent ingredients to ensure their products are the highest quality.

This brand is the innovator of aromatherapy skincare, and aim to offer a unique sensorial experience. This concept comes alive through their products, but also through their skin treatments. From facials to massages Decléor offers a wide range of beauty treatments using their products to treat your face, body and mind.

The lucky competition winners will be able to get their hands on a skin perfecting sleep mask and a 3 in 1 Hydra-radiance smoothing & cleansing mousse. The sleep mask is a light gel infused with citrus, sweet orange and pea extract which aims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and refine skin texture. The mousse is a gentle, yet effective to deeply cleanse your skin.

We think these Decléor products are the perfect team up to run alongside our Silk feature last week. Silk is known for its beauty and health benefits and the luxury fabric is one often linked to relaxation and pampering. Our Silk pillowcases can help prevent red puffy skin, allows your skin to maintain its natural moistures and prevents your hair being pulled from movement whilst you sleep. So dressing your bed in our silk pillowcases, and using Decléor’s beauty products can send you into pampering heaven at night time.

One of Decléor’s Skincare Experts Rachel Nicholson has kindly answered some questions to give us some tips on skin care routines, diet and of course sleep essentials…

What is the best skincare routine to help promote a good night’s sleep?
A double cleanse is always recommended on an evening to remove all impurities, dirt, grime and makeup from the day. Our 3 in 1 Hydra radiance mousse used as pre- cleanse will deeply cleanse, hydrate and polish the skin before the second cleanse. Containing Papaya to nibble away dead skin cells and hyaluronic acid to have an all-round plumping effect on the skin. Sleeping masks can be an amazing and easy way to treat the skin up to twice per week. We would recommend using or white petal sleeping mask, our smoothie for the skin containing vitamin B3 beads which burst onto the skin when massaging in. The White petal sleeping masks also contains salicylic acid to help refine your skin’s texture overnight reducing pore size and increasing skin radiance. Adding a Decleor night balm to your skincare routine instead of a cream can also help to promote a better night’s sleep. Not only are Decleor Night balms 100% natural with its unique balm texture it will drip feed the skin over an 8 hour period as the skins cell renewal is naturally greater at night time the balms will help to recharge and repair the skin. Inhaling the balms naturally helps the mind rest and induces sleep to wake feeling more rested the following day.

Your product uses active ingredients such as pea extract and chamomile… are there any foods that you’d recommend we eat, as well as apply, to boost the night time routine?
Almonds – We use sweet almond in a lot of our products, including a lot of cleansers, due to its softening and soothing properties. However, almonds also contain magnesium which helps to reduce muscle and nerve function which steadies the heart rate.
Avocado – used in our products due to its omegas to help regenerate and repair the hydrolipidic film. Particularly for sleep, this particular fruit is rich in omega 3 which helps to enhance sleep quality due to the increased production in serotonin.

After a brilliant sleep, what should we be doing to wake up our skin and body in the morning?
Showering in the morning will help to remove oil built up over the night. It will also help to re-energize the lymphatic system if you wash with warm water followed by cool water to finish. Cleansing is essential whether this be in the shower or not. No matter if the skin was cleansed the previous night, overnight your skin has been purging toxins whilst you slept, and its essential a cleanser is used the next morning to remove this and prepare your skin for the next stages of your skincare regime. Serum, eye cream, moisturiser and an SPF and would be advised to apply immediately after the cleansing stage for maximum effect and protection.

Your top 3 skincare commandments… 

  1. Always remove makeup/cleanse at night time as not doing this can rapidly speed up the ageing process.
  2. 8 hours of sleep is essential for skin to repair, any less the skin will again age quicker.
  3. Applying both a pollution protection product as well as an SPF, as no matter the weather, UVA is still present which can prematurely age you. Pollution protection no matter if you live in the middle of nowhere, as long as there is a car etc. environmental pollution will also still be present. If they have a phone, laptop etc. free radical damage will also be present

Thank you to Rachel Nicholson at Decléor for providing us with the most interesting and specialist answers! It’s so intriguing to hear how greatly our beauty and skincare regime’s can directly affect how we sleep.

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So, if you’re after those extra hours of beauty sleep, be sure to enter our competition, and be sure to follow Rachel’s tips! Hurry, competition ends Monday 22nd January at Midnight!


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