All about our Woodland kids range

Don’t know about you, but we think it’s time to talk about another kids range on this blog. So, let’s bring you all back down to earth (after being transported to dark space last week) and introduce you to the next kid’s range!

This range has a forest theme, so if you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise…our new Woodland kids range. Complete with vintage quilted bedding, a woodland bedspread, 2 storage baskets and a bunny night light, this range is going to have your little ones jumping into bed for an early sleep adventure. Like our other ranges, this beautifully illustrated range is completely unique to Soak&Sleep.

Let’s start with the bed linen and of course, introducing you to Felicity the fox and her woodland friends. Find Felicity and her friends hiding among the charming quilted bed linen, flourished with delicate flowers and stylish dots. Made from 100% cotton, this bed linen is soft and fresh whilst keeping your little ones (and Felicity) snug at night. The quilted design creates a vintage feel whilst the beautifully illustrated designs ensure a children’s charm. The reverse side is covered in a gorgeous floral print with pink, green and blue colour tones making them come alive.

To keep with the stylish dotty and floral theme, our unique quilted Woodland bedspread looks great against the bedding. This pink toned bedspread and unique quilted design is overlaid with a woodland floral print on one side and small dots on the other. Both designs complement those that appear on the bed linen. Made with 100% cotton and filled with soft polyester this bedspread can add a touch of comfort to your child’s nighttime.

We’ve heard that Felicity the fox and her woodland friends love a tidy bedroom, so this Woodland range wouldn’t be complete without our Woodland storage. These uniquely designed storage boxes match perfectly to the bedspread, a quilted cotton fabric with a delicate floral and stylish dotty design. Perfect for storing away books, toys

And finally, to complete this woodland wonderland is the cutest lamp around, our Bunny Lamp. Your kids will love going to sleep at night with this giving off a subtle glow. It’s battery powered, meaning it can be popped anywhere without any tangly wires or the need for a plug.

So, if your little ones love a walk through the woods, why not bring the woods to their bedroom and create a wonderful, delicate woodland space. Felicity the fox will be thrilled to make new friends and introduce them to hers!

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